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     Bosnia and Herzegovina is bordering with Croatia in the north, west and southwest, with Montenegro in the southeast and east with Serbia. Bosnia and Herzegovina has an exit to the Adriatic Sea and its coast is about 23 km long.
The country consists of two regions. Bosnia is the larger region and occupies the northern and central parts of the country while Herzegovina occupies the south and southwest. Bosnia and Herzegovina has predominantly mountainous terrain in central and eastern part of the country. Northwestern part is hilly while in the northeast prevails flatland. Although situated close to the sea, Bosnia and Herzegovina is largely cut off from its climatic influence by the Dinaric Alps. The inland Bosnia region has a moderate continental climate, with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Herzegovina has a Mediterranean climate. Bosnia and Herzegovina features large national parks—Sutjeska, Kozara, and Una—and nature reserves. Mountains and open spaces offer hiking and skiing.
During the history, Bosnia and Herzegovina has often felt the influences of stronger countries that strived to control it, and these influences resulted in its characteristically rich ethnic and religious mix we have today. Diverse European and Turkish influences are felt in the cultural, ethnic and religious life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Culture here is a mix of eastern and western culture.
When it comes to Bosnian cuisine, it is a reflection of the multicultural nature of the country and years of cultural influences coming from Ottoman empire, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Bosnian cuisine has a long tradition and culinary secrets are passed on from mothers to daughters which makes it a true delight. Turkish influence in Bosnian food is closely displayed in stuffed vegetables, coffee, and sweet cakes of the baklava type, as well as in the national dish of ćevapi, or ćevapčići. On the other hand, Mediterranean influence is witnessed in fresh ingredients, herbs and vegetables.

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