• Rent a car

Rent a car

You are planning a trip to Croatia and you won't be able to bring your car or motorcycle with you? No need to worry, just contact us and we will get you a vehicle perfect for your needs.

Driving long hours can be exhausting so if you are not used to that and you do not want to put yourself through that, go by plane or some other means of transportation and we will take care of car rental once you get to Croatia. Just let us know the time frame you will be needing car for, pick up and drop off locations and leave everything else to us. The greatest benefit of renting a vehicle is the fact that pick up and drop off places do not need to be the same. You can drop it off wherever it suits you best and proceed with your vacation as planned. Even though you left your own car back at home, having a private vehicle at your disposal allows you to move around, visit places, explore the country so you can rent it only for a couple of days, or even for your entire vacation – whatever suits you best.

When on an island, not having a vehicle on disposal can be rather frustrating because it can be quite challenging moving from one town to another.
If you do not need a car, you can always rent a motorcycle or a small scooter, ideal for moving around the town.

We can get you a car in majority of destinations in Croatia just send us an inquiry with all necessary details (pick up/drop off place, date & hour of pick up and drop off) and we will send you an offer.